Saturday evening we had one of those trendy new “gender reveal” parties. Now, since this is my first baby, I don’t know what it’s like to hear from your ultrasound tech and see the “revealing parts” firsthand on the screen… but this was definitely fun and very suspenseful. It was so fun to get to share the moment with so many friends and family members that have been big parts of our lives – both for a long time and in recent months. Even lots of my family from out of state (including my parents & brother) were able to share the moment via Skype. Isn’t technology grand?! Here’s a few pictures of the party…

I had a list of some wives’ tales to help people guess what they thought I was having. There were pages for people to choose “Team Girl” or “Team Boy”, some pictures from Baby Skidmore’s latest photo shoot, and sheets for people to make predictions about birth date, baby’s size, gender, and leave some advice for all 3 of us.


Some yummy chocolate (some with nuts, some without… 🙂 ) and rock candy in pretty colors!


Pink and blue lemonade! I bought some super cute straws on Etsy… couldn’t resist. If you like them, go check out Jen from PuppyCatCrafts!


And the crown jewel – our cake! We ordered the cake and cupcakes from Blondie’s Cupcakery in Pendleton, IN and they were DELICIOUS. I highly recommend her for all your cake & cupcake needs! Isn’t it super cute?! Support your local small businesses!


Everyone asks “So, what do you want it to be? A boy or girl?”. I have to admit that I’ve done this before and not given a second thought. Now, I think it’s ridiculous. How can I hope my baby is one more than the other?! Sure, I have a “gut feeling” (girl from the beginning)… Sure, everyone says girls are more expensive… Sure, boys are dirty and I have no idea how to raise one… But WANT one more? That makes it sound like I have a 50/50 shot of pure disappointment  when I find out… So from now on, no more asking about preferences – simply ask if mama has a “feeling” one way or the other.

My cousin Christina came! We were born 7 months apart and our babies will be about 4.5 months apart 🙂 Go visit her at Varvelicious and see stories of her family and the struggles they have been facing through this pregnancy. Her (and Brett’s) strength is inspiring!



Here is the peanut! Who do you think the baby looks like at a whopping 8ozs?! 🙂20140504-194158.jpg

20140504-194216.jpgBut ok, ok… I’ll stop my rambling and give the people what they want. Here you go! A big thanks to my friend Nicole for the camera work!! 🙂

Baby Skidmore Gender Reveal



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