5 Years



I seriously can’t believe it. Today is our FIVE YEAR wedding anniversary.

From the beginning, I’ve known that Brent was who I wanted alongside me for life. Although he’s ridiculously analytical, rambles in circles when he has something to talk about (and usually loses me halfway through… I’m working on that… possibly forever), not very spontaneous, lacking in the emotional/romantic department, not a big socialite, and is a Cubs fan… he’s also a solid Christian man, incredibly intelligent, selfless to a fault, loving, almost never says “no” (to me, or anyone in need), and loves me unconditionally despite my laundry list of flaws. We are opposites to the core when it comes to personality, and I can’t imagine being happier with anyone else.

With these 5 incredibly hard years under our belt and a baby girl on the way, I feel like our whole life is still ahead of us. I’m so excited to see how much things will change over the next 5 years. We probably won’t recognize our current selves 🙂 I love you, B!




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