Life As I Know It


I’ve always been a fairly emotional person. But now it’s at a new level. Like… mood swing, happy tears, frustrated tears, screaming, laughing… a rollercoaster daily. Life as I knew it is gone.


This is the reason. Sure, there are hormones and occasional zombie-like days that contribute. But ultimately, that small human did this to me. She is happy and giggly and I am happy and giggly, followed by tears at how fast she is growing and changing and how can I be so in love?

She is screaming and crying and I am screaming and crying… “You can’t POSSIBLY be hungry again! WHAT IS WRONG?!”. That is often followed by either me giving in and feeding her when she “shouldn’t be” hungry (yet she is), or some form of gas/waste release out of one of two ends. That is then followed by guilt on my part for being upset at this tiny human for things she cannot control and frustration at things she cannot communicate.

But emotions are rampant and ever-changing. And I wouldn’t change a thing. Life as I know it is beautiful and frustrating and tiring and SO GOOD.

Six months down. A lifetime to go.



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